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Tips to Find Time for Your Dog with a Busy Job

It goes without saying that if you do not have time for a dog, you should not get one. But if you already have a dog and you hardly ever see him if your work situation or personal level has changed or if you just like to spend more time with your dog, you are not alone, and it is a fact that many owners do not have enough time for their pet dogs.

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Being without affects and causes anxiety problems, separation, lack of socialization and exercise, which could have negative consequences on your pet’s health and behavior. There are some small changes, or even tricks, you can start to spend a little more time and space with your dog. A dog is your best friend, so why not spend more time with him?

Get Up Early

If you work hard and you only have the weekend to sleep as you like, it can be a little deterrent up early to be with your dog. But if you get up early, even on weekdays, you will spend more time with your dog. With that you get up 15 or 20 minutes earlier and have time to do some activities at home or out for a walk.

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Extend Rides

You have to walk your dog at least twice a day, so why not walk through a longer time? Just think you have no time to do, but enough that begin to lengthen walks in five minutes. When you realize you do have five minutes and your dog really enjoys it, you will want to add another five minutes.

Bring to Family Events

You have to see your family safe with events and family dinners. Take your dog with you. If you are afraid the dog will behave properly, educate him enough to socialize. Teach basic commands to stay calm even in the company of others.

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You Know Your Friends!

You sure occasionally see your friends. Obviously you cannot take your dog everywhere, but your friends may not be upset if you take it at times. Some of your friends even have dogs. If they are healthy and behaved dogs, they will be the ideal companions for yours.

If You Can, Work From Home!

Your job really does not allow you that luxury, but for those who can, should go ahead. Writers, editors, journalists, translators, freelance workers and even people who work in finance could have this option. Ask your company if you can work from home, even only once a month is valuable.

Include Your Dog in Your Holiday

If you thought you needed a vacation to get away from everyone, your dog might does so. Dogs are great companions and many hotels, beaches and restaurants accept dogs. It is ideal especially during the spring or summer when you can be outdoors.

If you still don’t have time for your dog!

You need to find a walker or dog sitter to care for your dog when you cannot. You can also engage a doggie daycare where they socialize with other dogs, take him out for a walk and pampering. But at any given time, you will have to make some sacrifices to be with your dog. The time your dog shares with you has effects that prevail throughout his lives and remember that nothing can replace you.

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Good health and cleanliness are the most important accepts to take care of your dog, so do not compromise over how often should you bathe your dog and how many times you need to get your dog vaccinated.